When you have your family, it is more important for you to take care of them especially when you have kids. You can renew or add on your insurance for your kids as well such as child car seat. At Etiqa, you can repair your car seat due to accidents, flood or fire.

Nowadays in KL & Selangor, the news of floods are rising due to climate change. you can make a plan with ETIQA or add on houseowner insurance for you home. Here are some information you can read about houseowner insurance.

Dapatkan pelan insurans hayat & insurans nyawa takaful keluarga yang mampu dimiliki oleh semua. Pelan baru dari Etiqa adalah pelan insurans hayat bertempoh yang dibeli melalui pengeluaran akaun KWSP. 

ketahui cara tuntut pelepasan cukai insurans anda.

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