Benefits of Using Renewable Energy in Malaysia

1. Reduce Cost Of Electricity Bills

For your information, utility bills can be reduced up to 50% per month. We just need to generate electricity from the sun to power our own home.

Utilize solar energy as you did to electricity energy. Preserve the energy for personal purposes even though solar energy has batteries. 

2. Generates No Emissions

When renewable energy in Malaysia is used in our daily life, pollution will decrease.

There are less emissions and greenhouse gases happening and natural resources are able to be protected and useful for our living.

Cleaner air will be experienced by all humans and health problems will least occur.

For your information, the gas emissions can make humans have respiratory infections, asthma, and lung cancer. 

3. Brings Benefits For Economy

In 2021, 18% of renewable energy contributes to Malaysia’s energy mix and is dominated by hydropower technologies. Not to forget, in Malaysia solar photovoltaic (PV) has reach the high

This explains that Malaysia needs expertise from high to low level management to provide these services towards people who are interested as it keeps growing.

Not to forget, the development of the district in order to provide facilities for employees will occur. For example, roads, electricity and street lights.

4. Reduce Harmful Air Pollution

Air pollution can affect our daily life and may cause death. If the Air Pollutant Index (API) reaches 500, a declaration will be announced and all services will be suspended.

When people implement renewable energy in their life, like in industry or household, harmful air pollution will decrease.

In addition, fossil fuel from transport releases carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and sulphur dioxide.

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