We get regular emails – and lots of spam emails which have the misfortune of event gets people calling us to sell their SEO Malaysia services.

The sales idea is to make you feel a woeful no-hoper because you’re not at the top of the Google rankings.

It reminds me of yesterday’s rip-off chain of events:

Great Google Adsence Rip-Off…

Gigantic Lure of Making Money Online Rip-Off…

Not to mention the Massive We’ll Turn Your Tiny Business Into A Giant-Killing Enterprise Seminar Rip-Off.

They all work on the glaring assumption many marketers feel they should have one of these shiny things.

However, they were blinded from the truth. Let alone knowing how it works.

We take great joy in probing these SEO Malaysia poachers what they actually deliver. It soon becomes apparent they can’t practice what they preach.

Make Them Pay

As the name implies, digital marketing is still marketing.

The thing is, whichever tactics you employ, SEO or social media ads have become the mystical dark art of turning prospects into customers.

Yet digital agencies don’t like to reveal their secret recipes to get clients.

We have noticed huge numbers of businesses signing up to ridiculous deals where they commit to sums of money for measly search engine optimization works.

We are a bit jealous as they are making money for doing nothing – something we’ve always struggled to do.

What’s happening is truly shocking…

Businesses who are hiring these “SEO agency” who does little more than a few tweaks to their site in the first month and then sits around until they get rumbled about 12 months later.

Don’t fall for it.

Before chasing the latest magic bullet, make sure you’re getting the best out of the old ammunition.

Somewhere 7 years ago, my copywriting mentor gave a piece of brutal advice about marketing.

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