How To Apply for Medical Insurance Online

While medical emergencies can’t be anticipated, you definitely can ensure that the right medical coverage is obtained at any given time.  With the rising cost of healthcare in Malaysia, it is now the right time to invest in a medical insurance to get the maximum protection for yourself and your family.

When choosing a medical plan, you need to ensure that the policy can meet the demands of your family’s changing lifestyles. The right kind of medical coverage is essential for making sure you don’t run out on cash in case of emergency which brings in the much needed peace in times of stress.

Choose from our wide range of medical cards starting from the ones that provide basic coverage for hospitalistion and medical treatment costs. Learn more about our comprehensive medical plan, Medical Insurance Plan which is designed for your unique needs. This customisable plan comes with flexible and affordable options while providing you a long term coverage for your healthcare needs. With the right medical card, you will never have to worry about you’re family’s health again.

Why is Medical Insurance Necessary?

Because there may be a situation you may not be able to afford private healthcare if (God forbid) you fall ill and need to be hospitalised. You may end up depleting your savings, borrowing to cover your hospital bills

How do I Apply for a Medical Insurance Policy?

The application process isn’t complicated and depending on the coverage, even the premiums payable can be inexpensive or made through instalments. All that’s left to do is apply! Here is your step-by-step guide to getting health insurance:

1. Research medical insurance plans and providers available

Shop around to see what types of medical insurance policies and plans are available as well as which ones apply to you. For instance, women can choose from special policies that cover related illnesses like ovarian cancer and pregnancy complications.

2. Choose a medical insurance plan

Once you have the information you want, decide on the amount of coverage and level of comprehensiveness needed. Basic coverage is usually cheaper to buy and upkeep but also comes at a lower sum insured and with fewer benefits.

3. Decide whether to buy your medical insurance policy directly or from an agent

Most times you will have the option to purchase directly from the insurance company or through an agent. Going with an agent can simplify the process and be most helpful when you want to make a claim. Where else going direct could mean you may have to handle your own claims process in a time of need.

4. Submit your medical insurance application

If you are going direct, you can usually submit an application online, which often includes a questionnaire about your medical history. If you have an agent, he or she will help you fill out the necessary information and make the submission.

5. Pay the premium

Once your policy is approved, you can make the premium payment in a lump-sum amount or follow a payment schedule. Some providers offer bi-annual, quarterly and even monthly payment options. If you don’t pay the premium after the grace period (30 days after the due date) however, your policy is liable to lapse and your coverage may cease.

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