Looking For The Best Event Organizers In Malaysia? The List Is Here!

Are you searching for an event organizer in Malaysia? It is not that difficult to find one but to hire the best organizer for your event, you would require some due diligence.

Read on to know the how-tos in organizing a successful event.

Psst, we are also throwing in some of the best event organizers in the list. So, stick around to find out more!


Organizing An Event Is Never An Easy Task!

We hear you! It’s definitely no easy feat to organize your own event that’s for sure will keep people talking for weeks.

But worry not, follow these steps for a bombastic, smooth-sailing event:

  • Decide Event’s Purpose & Goals

Why do you plan to throw this event? What exactly are the purposes behind it? Are they for charity, for a launching ceremony? You must decide.

These are some of the basic questions you must ponder on before diving right through with the event organizer in Malaysia.

Ensure that you set tangible benchmarks for your goals so you can track your progress toward them and reassure your team that they are feasible.

  • Begin As Early As Possible

When it comes to event planning, the golden rule is to get started as soon as possible. This is because planning an event requires a lot of things to be considered.

So planning ahead of time will provide you with more alternatives for different aspects of the event, such as venue, speakers/talents, sponsorship, marketing, and so on.

The more options you have, the more likely it is that you will be able to pull it off.

  • Event Budget Planning
event organizer malaysia

Various aspects of your event will definitely be influenced by your budget. It is crucial to have a rough idea of what you can spend before you start arranging anything else.

Some of the things you must consider in the budget include venue, catering, entertainment, marketing, labour costs and decoration.

Make sure to adjust the budget with your exact spending once you’ve secured certain vendors. This will assist you in assessing the success of your event.

  • Event Plan (Written) 

A comprehensive event plan will greatly assist you in managing your team and arranging volunteers, as well as acquiring talent and sponsorships.

Some of the elements that you may include in the written event plan include registration management, logistics, schedule/timeline and promotion plan.

You have hosted similar events before? That’s great! You can simply use the data and documentation from those events to help you create this event plan.

  • Establish Event team
event organizer malaysia

You know what they say, two is better than one. But in this case, the more the merrier as long as everybody knows what their responsibilities are to make the event a success.

Assign each person in your team different roles and responsibilities. If you have a small team, you can delegate numerous roles to one person.

Accountability is guaranteed by allocating roles to each team member, which can also improve productivity and raise the likelihood of the event’s success.

  • Sponsorship

You may start with a list of potential sponsors who might be interested in your event but make sure to investigate these companies beforehand.

Instead of focusing entirely on the benefit from your end, try to figure out how they can benefit from your event too. 

Remember, it is a two-way deal.

Make customised pitches with custom sponsorship packages based on your study. When feasible, don’t be afraid to get creative and offer unique sponsorship advantages.

  • Prepare A Marketing plan

It is also critical to think about how you will promote your event to the public or the target audience.

When it comes to marketing your event, you have a variety of options: advertisements, social media marketing, issuing an event press release, email marketing, and so on.

The best way, though, is to tailor your marketing campaign to your target audience’s online activity, which platforms they use, and so on.

Top Event Organizers In Malaysia

Now let’s get to the juicy part. Here are some of the best event organizers in the country that can help you:

EXS Events is the best event organizer in Malaysia that creates uncompromising events that are sure to wow. 

From the initial design concept to pre-production and the event itself, the team keeps their clients at the centre of the production process.

This independence fives clients the tools and information they need to achieve their objectives quickly and with success.

  • Event Company KL (YOLO events)

YOLO is an event management organization that specializes in assisting brands and businesses of all sizes in making a bigger impression on their target customers in their industry.

If you’re looking to throw a virtual event, YOLO is the way to go. Whether it’s product premieres or talk shows, their digital tech nerds are masters at arranging virtual events.

  • Jiggee

Jiggee has worked with hundreds of individuals and corporations to provide them with the event they’re looking for.

They have over 20 years of event management experience. Which comes as not a surprise for their expertise in interactive hybrid and virtual events. 

  • Above Creative Events Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Catering to both personal and corporate events, the team comprises dedicated individuals that are well-versed in both the artistic and technical aspects of event planning.

They would also assist you to plan for hybrid or full-virtual events that include broadcasting and live streaming avenues.


So now you know the how-tos in throwing a successful event plus the list to access some of the top event organizers in Malaysia.

What are you waiting for? Start planning that event with the first on the list, EXS Events!

EXS Events have been working with clients from the private and government sectors for as long as anyone can remember. 

They create designs that deliver clients’ aspirations and expectations, whilst leaving audiences inspired. 

Striving to evolve their techniques while ensuring their design solutions utilise the latest advancements in technology. They don’t stand still. And neither should your events!

EXS Events are an independent live event production agency,

specialising in corporate events.

Be it a glittering awards ceremony, motivational conference, captivating product launch, or an inspirational charity ball, EXS Events deliver events with passion, creativity and expertise.

Some of the top-notch services provided include:

  • Motion Design
  • Stage Design
  • Equipment Rental Services
  • Lighting Design

Interested in crafting that bombastic event with EXS Events? Say, no more.

Bagi mereka yang mempunyai kereta, terdapat banyak perkara yang perlu diambil tahu seperti cara menukar tayar kereta dan juga kedai bateri kereta yang boleh dipercayai.

Salah satu punca utama rosaknya bateri kereta adalah apabila anda tidak menghidupkan kenderaan untuk jangka masa panjang. 

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