The Importance of Child Car Seats.

The Importance of Child Car Seat.

As parents, the biggest responsibility you have is keeping your child safe. No parent or guardian would want to see their little ones being injured, especially in preventable situations. Studies have proven that when riding in a car, the best way to ensure a child’s safety is to seat them in a child car seat.

Malaysian law made it mandatory for all children under 36kg to be seated in car seats that comply with United Nations Regulation (UNR). that one of the best ways to ensure a child’s safety while being on board, is to place them in car safety seats.

A handful of opinions may not agree on the use of child car seats for bigger children and say that getting children to stay in their seats, especially for long road trips can be challenging. However, the efficiency of child car seats versus standard seatbelts is tremendous and can potentially save the lives of children. Additionally, not only are children strapped into their seats better, child car seat are also designed to reduce shock impact and can prevent internal bleeding, internal injuries and more.

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