Toilet Ventilation: 4 Reasons Why It Is Important

When designing a house or choosing to buy one, toilet ventilation is an essential aspect that many people ignore.

It is vital to have this in your bathrooms as it keeps out many bad odours while also serving other important functions to make you comfortable.

This article will explain why toilet ventilation is important and why you should invest in an air purifier from Minako to make this possible.

Read on to find more.

What Is Toilet Ventilation?

Ventilation in your bathrooms is usually done by a bathroom vent fan that drains the air in your bathroom outdoors through a tube or a duct.
This is crucial as it will improve the air quality while eliminating moisture and odours from your toilet.

For those with families, it is more critical as they may have young children who are more sensitive to these odours.

If you do find that there is mould or that your toilet constantly smells, it would not be the worst idea to have someone check on the condition of your bathroom fan to make sure it is functioning.

For separate bathrooms, fans’ size differs your bathroom fan’s condition based on the size of the toilet itself. The bigger the bathroom, the more influential the fan has to be to help circulate the air.

4 Reasons Toilet Ventilation Is Important

In this section, we will give you 4 important reasons as to why you should pay more attention to air ventilation in your bathroom.

1. Comfort
As we mentioned earlier, having great air ventilation in your toilet can help create a more comfortable environment for you or your guests. Constant bad odour from your bathroom will leave a bad impression on your guests and will also be bad for you.

Aside from the foul odour, the absence of air ventilation will cause your windows and mirrors to be fogged, which is very uncomfortable if you have a hot shower.

However, with ventilation, these things won’t happen.

2. resence of Mould
If your bathroom is exposed to excess moisture, it will cause the air to become too humid, which can cause mould appearing in the walls and cracks of your bathrooms. Higher humidity in a closed setting invites mould and mildew to form, which is very dangerous and damaging.

This is because black mould can create toxic spores, which are released in the air and cause various health problems to those who breathe it in.
With good air circulation and ventilation, this can be avoided.

3. Gets Rid Of Toxic Chemicals
Every now and then, we all clean our bathrooms by using chemicals to make sure that all the floors and toilet bowls are squeaky clean.

However, these chemicals can stay for a long time if there is no air ventilation in your toilet. Due to this, you will be exposed to these chemicals and can cause health problems.

This is why toilet ventilation is crucial so that these chemicals will be drawn out.

4. Prevent Structure From Being Compromised
Another reason why it is crucial for air ventilation is to get rid of the excess moisture in the air. This is because it can affect the structure of your walls and floors of your bathroom.

If not correctly taken care of, you will have to fork out a considerable amount of money to fix the structure, which is avoidable with ventilation. It is even worse in rooms that use wood frames as it can cause it to rot.

The Best Air Purifiers For You

Another way you can allow for air ventilation in your bathrooms is with the presence of an air purifier. In this section, we will suggest 2 of the best air purifiers in Malaysia from Minako.

What separates Minako from the rest?

Usually, the fan used inside other air purifiers is normally connected to the ventilation duct. Most of the time, when the ventilation duct gets dirty, no one really cleans it or services it.

By using Minako, you won’t have to worry about this at all.
We eliminate the need for ducting, and there won’t be the risk of any dust or dirt stuck in the ventilation.

For instance, only the air gets sucked out when the fan is turned on.
However, when the fan is turned off, organisms, bacteria, and many more won’t be pulled out and get stuck in the vent.

Keep on reading to find out about these two game-changing Minako products, MK600 & MK100.


Purification Series MK600 (Black with a 2-year warranty)

The first air purifier by Minako is the highly efficient system the MK600.

It is highly efficient in capturing airborne pollution such as tobacco, bacteria, dust, pollen.

As dirty air particles travel quickly through the air cleaner, the particles will encounter high voltage ionizing wires which are over 8,000 volts.

The intense voltage accelerates free electrons towards the wires, knocking more electrons out of the air molecules, creating vast numbers of positive ions.

These are also other features of this air purifier:

  • Energy Saving
  • Solid State Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • Easy Cleaning
Dimension600 x 600 x 365mm
Noise level45db
Indication lightsGreen (normal), Red (faulty)
InstallationHanging / Ceiling mounted
ApplicationRestaurant / Bar / Banquet hall / Gymnasiums / Veterinary Clinics & Kennels and etc

Purification Series MK100 (White with 1-year warranty)

The second air purifier from Minako is the MK100 which uses Two In One Indoor Air Re-circulation Technology. This is designed to clean indoor air.

This system consists of 3 technologies: Filter, Ultraviolet Light and Ionizer, which helps to do many things such as reducing odour & VOCs and disinfecting the air.

MK100 is not your regular air ventilation system as its air circulation happens within and out in the same unit. It is the perfect replacement for conventional mechanical ventilation. Consultants use the fog in the mirror after you shower to analyse if the ventilator is strong enough.

As a result, almost every time, they found that the ventilator isn’t strong enough. So, by adding our product, we omit the ducting cost, and we add value by increasing the indoor air quality of the target toilet area.

These are other features of the MK100:

  • A built-in indicator light (green/red) to ensure the continuous functionality of the system
  • Lower power consumption at max 25W
Dimension361 x 195 x 181mm (outer)
325 x 159 x 181mm (inner)
Ion GeneratorMIG-50MPCS/cm3
Indication lightsGreen (normal), Red (faulty)
Noise level45db
InstallationCeiling mounted (ductless)

Out of the two air purifiers mentioned above, MK100 is the perfect product for toilets and bathrooms. So if you’re looking to improve ventilation in your toilet or bathroom, MK100 is the one for you.

On the other hand, MK600 is more suitable for:

  • Restaurants
  • Banquet halls
  • Kennels
  • Gymnasiums
  • Veterinary Clinics

In conclusion, toilet ventilation is crucial due to the problems it can prevent from happening. If you are looking for the best air purifiers in Malaysia, you should choose Minako.

Minako offers some of the best air purifiers in the country.

  • MK100
  • MK600

We are committed to improving indoor air quality for our clients:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Public premises
  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants

Besides air purifiers, we also provide household sterilization solutions.

What are you waiting for? Let’s solve your indoor air pollution with Minako! Contact us now.

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