What You Should Consider Before Installing CCTV in Malaysia?

CCTV in Malaysia has grown increasingly popular in recent years, as it is one of the most critical things to do to keep one’s building secure.

The need for CCTVs has increased as the rate of crime shot upwards leading many people to purchase and install CCTVs.

Keep reading to find out more on what are the things you should consider before installing a CCTV.

4 Important Tips Before Installing CCTV

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There are a few things that you must consider before installing CCTV in your area:

  • Choose a monitor

The most crucial feature of a security camera is hands down a monitor. 

Without the monitor, it would be impossible to view footage and captured images and that would defeat the whole CCTV purpose. 

The monitor you choose will be largely determined by the camera and recording software you use.

Usually, the number of monitors you’ll need is determined by where you’ll be watching and what you’ll be monitoring.

Three to five screens is a suitable starting point unless you operate a large-scale facility. As your demands change, you can easily add or remove monitors.

  • Managing videos with VMS

What is a VMS? 

It’s a video management software (VMS) that is important to control your NVR or DVR recording system.

Although business-grade security solutions differ from basic, at-home DVR systems, this technology may also assist you in locating, isolating, and extracting the most essential times.

When looking for the best VMS, your options may differ depending on whether you use NVR or DVR technology.

Always ensure that the programme is compatible and that the user interfaces are functional and user-friendly.

  • Considering cameras

Constructing a CCTV requires you to consider two camera options which are analogue and Internet Protocol (IP).

IP would be the best choice as it is compatible with a lot of applications. 

If you have an older digital recording system, it’s recommended that you go with an analogue camera.

  • Two basic types of CCTV systems: NVR & DVR

As mentioned earlier, the two basic types of CCTV systems would be network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video recorders (DVRs).

Despite the fact that DVRs are more common and possibly more familiar to the public, NVRs are a superior fit for IP camera integration and compatibility. 

NVRs are slightly more expensive than DVRs, but in most cases, the ability to work with high-resolution IP cameras outweighs the extra cost.

Suitable Places for CCTV Installation

the best place to install cctv in malaysia

Of course, you should consider where to install CCTVs. 

For instance, places which are a definite no-no would be bathrooms and bedrooms that would breach others’ privacy. 

Below we’ve helped you identify suitable places you can install your CCTVs: 

Interior Places

  • Main stairway or hallway

Install a camera in your home’s main stairway or hallway to make it harder for someone to move about unnoticed.

If someone breaks through an unmonitored location such as a bathroom or bedroom, they will still be caught on video if they roam around the area.

  • Common areas

Ideally, installing cameras in common areas such as the kitchen and living room are terrific ways to monitor the kids, pets or to keep an eye on domestic staff such as cleaners and repairmen.

Exterior Places 

  • Yard

Keeping an eye on the yard via the CCTV will allow you to keep track of anyone who is looking at your house from the outside. 

  • Driveway & garage

Burglars frequently target garages since they are one of the weakest entrance points. 

A camera positioned at your garage and/or driveway keeps an eye on bicycles, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars, and anyone who handles them under surveillance.

  • Back & side doors

Visitors can enter unobserved through out-of-sight doors, whether they’ve been invited or not.

  • Front door

Installing a CCTV at your front door will help keep an eye on everyone who comes in and out of your home.

From family members and babysitters to maintenance staff, delivery persons, and more.

In conclusion, there are many things that you should definitely consider before deciding to follow through with a CCTV installation in Malaysia.

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